The shares representing our capital stock are common, ordinary, nominative, single series shares without par value.

As of December 31, 2020, the capital stock of Peña Verde S.A.B. was represented by 642,431,282 single series shares, of which 476,678,213 were outstanding and 165,753,069 were held in treasury. Of the 165,753,069 treasury shares, 9,380,700 are subscribed.

Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meeting is our supreme governance body, which provides us with the philosophy on how to do business and decides the risk appetite for our business. The Meeting is also responsible for decision-making and for providing the mandate to the Board of Directors for the proper execution of strategies throughout our value chain.

The Escobedo Conover family, who are the Group’s controlling party, holds 66.25% of our shareholding, and another 30.95% is held by the Luttman Fox family, who have significant influence over the actions of the Company. Lastly, 0.84% is distributed among the investor public and the remaining 1.96% is in Treasury.

Composition of the Shareholders’ Meeting

Below, we provide a breakdown of our main shareholders and their respective interest at the end of 2020:

(1) Controlling shareholders.

(2) Shareholders exercising significant influence.

(3) CEO of Grupo Peña Verde.